About Us

Bald Mountain Brewery is wildly proud to brew and distribute in Yuba County, California. Craft breweries are becoming more popular, brew on California! and we are thrilled to join this thriving community. The vivid and sophisticated flavors of craft beer offer a challenge to the palate at a price that won’t break the bank. Bald Mountain Brewery is devoted to this exploration of the flavor experience. To that end we brew our beers in small batches, one barrel at a time. Each batch is hand crafted with our own farm-grown ingredients, and tested to our satisfaction. Each beer artisan style showcases the potential fullness of each ingredient, as we believe a true craft beer should.

Unlike a major brewery, we get all of our ingredients from a single region – ours. Normally a brewery will combine ingredients from all over the country, often the world, into a single averaged product. Each one of our styles features the unique harvest of our region. So, because we use ingredients grown right here in Yuba County, when you take a long refreshing sip of our ale you’ll be experiencing Yuba County’s beautiful and delicious local landscape. Enjoy!


Ben Pedley




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