Porter to the People

PorterThis Porter is the oldest recipe on our offerings list. Hints of java, chocolate, full-bodied malt pass over the tongue while an aromatic hop extravaganza graces your nostrils. For centuries people of all walks of life have been saying, “I don’t like dark beer.” We hear ya! This beer is never too bitter or too heavy, just smooth and full flavored able to convert anyone into a dark beer lover! Our Mission: bring the Porter to the People! Enjoyed with red meat or a scrumptious dessert. 5.5% abv, 60 IBU


weizen2Based on the classic German “hefeweizen” wheat beer style, our own Yubaweizen features its own unique yeast flavor above all. Bringing to your pallet a hint of clove and banana, balanced by a modest hop addition. Enjoyed with a slice of orange or grapefruit in the glass to bring out the natural citrus-like flavors generated by the wheat grain. A sweeter beer to be enjoyed thoroughly or not at all. 5.5% abv, 33 IBU

Yuba Gold

GoldIntroducing Yuba Gold!  This is a smoother, rounder pale ale, favoring malty smoothness and hop aroma over bitter sharpness and rests comfortably on the frothy calcium rich H20 of our great county. We call it a “Yuba Pale Ale” or YPA, because rather than being harsh and hoppy this artisan ale is a smooth easy to drink, full bodied, full spectrum citrus hop aroma ale.  5.5% abv, 45 IBU